In the upcoming year. You know, if you had a hankering to buy me a drink (I like gin and tonic–good gin, only please, chocolate or apple martinis, and margaritas). Or if you’re my husband and you’re wondering when it’s safe to have your girlfriend over.

April 3-6 Desert Dreams Conference, Arizona
April 14-18 Romantic Times Convention, Pittsburgh (I’ll be there Monday through Friday only)

May 23-25 local RWA Florida chapter weekend (it’s really close to Disney World. Think I can make a break for it?)

June 5-8 Lori Foster Get Together, Cincinnati

July 28-August 3 RWA Nationals, San Francisco

August 11-August 25 New Zealand and Australia Romance conferences

October 9-12 Emerald City RWA conference
October 24-26 NJRW conference

November 7-9 Chesapeake/Virginia combined RWA conference

Um. That’s all. I hope my family doesn’t disown me and/or forget what I look like. Would you believe I turned down quite a few offers for the year? I’ve also got a family reunion in North Dakota the week before nationals–I fly from the reunion to nationals. But hey! I’ll have some kickin’ frequent flyer miles.

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