I (or rather my computer) survived

the reformatting. Of course, the first thing I had to do was delete all those worthless programs Microsoft insists I need. Like some Penguin game. Uh, sure.

I successfully installed the back up of my Firefox profile and all of my emails (whew!) but apparently didn’t back up my contacts and my Carbonite back up is busy installing pictures and music. I had downloaded all of my documents folder to my portable hard drive, so those went right back on the computer.

I’d made a list of the programs that I use most frequently, and am working on reinstalling those. I’m not installing anything else unless I find myself missing it for some reason.

One thing I did decide to do is ditch McAfee. I was only using it because we get it for free through Comcast, but since we’re switching to Verizon for internet (I think. Because we’re ditching Comcast cable TV tomorrow for DirectTV) and since I’ve always thought it cause problems with the computer, I’m going to use a new virus program. Any recommendations that aren’t Norton? (since I hate Norton even more than McAfee). I was thinking of trying AVG for the short term.

And at some point, I really need to figure out an add-on to Firefox or something that will help me organize and manage my crazy list of bookmarks!



I’m testing out blogging via iPhone because I’m doing something scary– reformatting my laptop. I might have to get used to blogging this way if it doesn’t work out.
I need a drink.


While everyone else has been discussing the serious issue of Amazon and POD, I’ve been over on my playgroup board discussing this article about a woman who was allegedly forced to remover her nipple rings before being allowed through airport security*, and have been obsessively watching the Woot Off for a Scooba and Random Bags of Crap to appear.

Oh, and I’ve been writing up my workshop outline/Power Point presentation too. Just so you don’t think I’m a total slacker!

*Josh called me this morning to tell me about this, and then sent me a link to the article. Go read it, it made me a little angry. Just a little.

“Your Majesty”

Brianna has taken to calling me this at random times the past few days. “Excuse me, Your Majesty.” It caught me off-guard the first time she did it and it makes me laugh out loud each time (which is probably why she keeps doing it). But you know, I can live with that title 😉 And I’m writing this down so I can refer back to it in 12 or so years when she’s calling me other things…

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