No, not just on my blog, though I know that’s been quiet too, but in my house. On Sunday, Brianna went to New York to stay with my in-laws for the week. It’s a nice break for Josh and I, especially because we’re still recovering from being sick (yes, we were REALLY sick), but it’s quiet here without her. Especially in the evenings, when I’m used to picking her up from daycare and having a crazy house because she gets the puppies wound up, tells me about her day and just generally runs amuck. I miss her! I guess I should get used to this, though, since you’ve seen my travel schedule. I’m going to be away from her for longer periods than this in August. Yuck.

As a little catch up, I spent last week basically prone on the couch. I didn’t work, not even to answer many emails (and I soon discovered, at the height of my sickness, that answering emails when feverish and slightly delusional is a really bad idea). But I did watch a lot of TV. I caught up on two seasons of CSI–the second half of last season (I stopped watching when it came back in January) and all 11 episodes of this season. I was thinking about the evolution of CSI as I watched. I remember when it first started, the show was very focused on the CSI part of it. There wasn’t a lot of story arc concerning the characters, their interactions or personal lives. There was some, but overwhelmingly, the show was on the forensics, not the characters. Over time, the show has developed the character arcs of the team members, introducing new and losing some (waaah Sara!) and I like the show even more because of it. I’m a character reader when I read, and I guess I like that in my TV shows as well. I also noticed that the show’s writers have developed quite a sense of humor. Not always in-your-face humor, but sometimes sly. It’s fun. For those who watched, I thought the episode were Hodges was developing the board game and they did the different scenarios killing off lab techs was fun.

I also caught up on Torchwood; I was three episodes behind. I’m a little irritated with my DVR though, because it keeps cutting off the last minute of the show. Dammit. Like last week, Owen was bleeding from a gunshot wound, they were trying to save him and BAM! the show’s over (on my DVR’d version). This is the problem with recording and then watching. Bleh.

So last week I didn’t do any reading. I can’t read when I’m sick. Of course, I didn’t get any sewing done either. Forget that.

But this past week I’ve been doing a little of both. I won’t bore you with the sewing stuff right now, since I’m in the midst of trying to adapt a pattern that I bought and made two finished products of, thinking I’d messed up the first because I hated the end result. Nope, I just don’t like the pattern. It’s flawed. Maybe I’ll do a pattern review later.

I started and finished two books: Strangers in Death by JD Robb and Grimspace by Ann Aguirre. Pretty different reading material, don’t you think? I loved the Robb book, as always. And I have to thank Ann Aguirre for the ecopy of Grimspace she sent me, and ask–is the next one ready yet? I’m sure you’ve all seen a huge amount of buzz about this book around the blogs, and I have to tell you–the book deserves every bit of it. What was incredibly amazing to me is that this book is written in first person (which I love) present tense (generally don’t love). But Ann is a very skillful author, and for those who might not buy the book because of this (this means you, Mandy Roth), go to Amazon or your local bookstore or wherever you buy books from and buy this book. You’ll never even notice, I promise.

The book has well-drawn characters, a fast-paced, interesting, compelling storyline, enough romance to satisfy the romance-lovers and it doesn’t leave you hanging at the end but it does leave you wishing you could read the next one right now, because you want to stay in the world Ann has built and wallow around for awhile.

Currently, I’m doing my part to participate in Keishon’s TBR challenge and reading Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin. I’m hoping to finish that tonight because it’s a fun book and I want to get back to it and find out what happens!

So tell me, anyone reading or read anything really amazing in the past few weeks? I don’t know what to read next (besides submissions) though I did just buy Fire Study by Maria Snyder. I think I need to go back and read all of them, it’s been so long (since before the second was released, since I had an ARC) since I read the first two!

As a little aside: the dogs went to the vet yesterday. Heath (the lighter colored one) weighs 16.3 and Reese (the, uh, runt) weighs 18.5. They’ve doubled their size in the 8 weeks or so that we’ve had them! And yes, we do brush our daughter’s hair, but the double cowlicks (isn’t that a funny word?) make it look perpetually messy.

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