I added some new plugins on Thursday, as I mentioned in a previous test post. Some of them are more obvious than others.

The first is RSS Feed Signature Why add this plugin? If you’ve ever seen your blog content show up on one of those “spam” type blogs, this plugin is for you. Essentially, if those “sploggers” take your content for their blogs, using your RSS feed (which is how they generally do it), this at least makes sure that you’re credited for the post and directs anyone who might get there via a search to your blog, rather than the nasty sploggers’ blogs.

What does it do? If you have my blog in your RSS feed, you’ve already seen it. It adds a customized signature to your feed, like this: © 2008 Angela James – visit Nice Mommy~Evil Editor for more great content.

Next is Chunk URLs which manages the length of the URLs posted in the comments. It doesn’t prevent the commenters from leaving links in the comments, it just prevents the link from doing wonky things to your template. It takes the long link and turns it into something manageable for your comments.

Third, I installed the WP-print plugin. This one is because of the tutorials (well, the one) that I’ve started doing and the recipes that I’ve posted. This plugin provides each post with a printer friendly link. So you can print the tutorial or recipe without all the extra junk. I’ve set the options to not print pictures included in the post, so it’s all text. If you look at an individual post, you should see the “print” option at the top of the post.

Last is my favorite plugin, Advanced Admin Menus. No one will see the results of this one but you, but once you get used to it, you’ll love it. Let’s say you want to go to the Options and manage your permalinks. With normal WordPress set up, you have to navigate to the options page, then to the permalinks page. This plugin cuts out those steps and makes everything a dropdown menu. It’s beee-utiful and so much faster. I highly recommend this plugin.

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