She’s home!

Josh and I left this morning to meet my in-laws halfway and fetch Brianna home with them. We had a rather rocky start to the day because we decided to take the dogs with us (since we would be gone all day and had no intention of leaving them outside in the cold weather). But the puppies had never been on a trip longer than to the vet (10 minutes down the road) and either one or both got carsick. More than once. The good thing was we had them in a crate in the back, so it was contained. The bad news was we had to stop and clean said crate out twice. Ick. We didn’t make very good time up there! But once they got everything out of their stomachs, they settled down and were awesome travelers the rest of the day.

We met up with Brianna at a Target and it was really gratifying to hear “Mommy!” screamed across the aisle and see a little body hurtling towards me. She latched on and didn’t let go for a few minutes. Of course, I didn’t let go either. I missed her! I swear she aged a year in the week she was gone though. She looks so much older.

One of the things Josh and I both missed was the random comments that she makes, that have us laughing. As an example, she and I went to the restroom before we left Target. As she’s sitting on the toilet and I’m leaning in the stall, waiting for her, she looks down…

Brianna: “I like your pink shoes!”
Me: “Thank you.”
Brianna: “Are they new? I like them!”

She’s so my girl! Noticing Mommy’s new shoes. There were two other women in the bathroom and they both started laughing, to hear such a little girl voice enquiring with such interest about my shoes. One of the ladies stopped me later and was laughing, saying how much she loved hearing the show conversation.

She’s starting to develop opinions about what clothes to buy, too, as well as noticing my shoes. Before, she’s happy with whatever I brought home but today, walking through Target, my mother-in-law pointed to an outfit that she loved, but Brianna saw a different outfit. And she pointed it out several times. Then she picked out a few dresses and made sure that we all knew she liked pink and purple clothes.

On the way home, she came up with a few other random and amusing things that had us rolling.

Brianna: “I have to go potty…”
Brianna: “Look, there’s a house right there you can stop at!”
Me: (laughing) “We can’t just stop at someone’s house and go potty.”
Brianna: (very, very puzzled) “Why not?”

We have a GPS that we use on road trips, and it sits in the front windshield where she can see right from the carseat. Since we didn’t need it for directions, Josh had switched it to the map that shows you the main roads and your speed. Just after he did this, we hear a gasp from the backseat…

Brianna: “Oh no! Now we’re LOST!”
Ignorant parents: “Um, what?”
Brianna: (pointing) “Look! Look! We’re lost! Oh no! Now we’re lost.”

We’re looking around and suddenly we realize…the little car on the GPS is in the middle of a blank screen. There are no roads showing and Brianna thinks that means we’re lost! The GPS doesn’t know where we are, lolol.

So yeah, I’m glad she’s home. Sure, it’s a nice break from the terrible threes, but this kid makes me smile every day, she makes my heart lighter and I love to hear her talk and how she views things. She’s so fun!

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