I don’t know if I have enough crafters reading this blog to do a fabric swap but I’m dying to do one (because I want someone else to pick out some fabric for me, lol) and I know I don’t know enough local people who do crafts to organize one. Would anyone be interested in doing a swap, organized here on the blog, where you would send out a certain number of yards of fabric to someone (we’ll assume no one will be sending uber-cheap fabric but will at least spend a couple dollars per yard or share something fun from their stash) and then get the same in return? Keeping in mind you’d be giving your address to a stranger, so if that bothers you, the swap is probably not for you. If we have five or six people I think that would be enough to do it. If you think you’re interested, post in the comments. If we have enough interest, I’ll organize something official. How many yards do you think you’d like to swap, if you’re interested?

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