A week ago I finally was able to get Amy Butler’s In Stitches from my local library. I paged through it and immediately saw the pattern for these lounge pants (note, this is the picture from the book). I realized later that I’ve seen several craft bloggers talk about these pants. Somewhere I’d read the idea to make the pants using thrifted sheets. I thought that was a groovy idea so Friday, I went thrifting!

I came home with a pile of flat sheets (for pants, quilt backs and whatever else I might decide to use them for) and some pillowcases (for making Brianna her own lounge pants and a pillowcase dress or two, as well as using for lining some purses). At 50 cents for the pillowcases and $2 for each flat sheet, it’s a lot cheaper than buying fabric by the yard and you can get some really fun patterns.

Saturday night, I was home alone, so I decided to whip up a pair of lounge pants. I actually used a fitted sheet, just took my rotary cutter and cut the elastic off so I had a flat piece. I wanted to use something I liked for the first pair, but not my favorite, in case I mucked it up and had to scrap it.

In all, they took me about four hours to make, and part of that process was drafting the pattern (easy but takes time to draw it and cut it using the template) and I lost a good half hour because I’m using a new sewing machine and had never done buttonholes on it before. I’m still not happy because the buttonholes’ thread is loose in places. I did several trial buttonholes and it seemed fine, but the ones on the pants, not so good. I’m not sure what happened.

I took three inches off the suggested leg length, but they’re still just slightly long. The pattern suggests adding trim to the cuffs, and I didn’t, because I wasn’t interested in trimming this pair. I’d like to make a nicer pair and I will try adding the trim to them, to make them slightly fancier. I’d also take another inch off the pattern, which I think would make them the perfect length for me (yeah, I’m short).

I couldn’t wait to get them on after I finished, and I wore them to bed last night. They’re soo comfy and soft. I think I’d like to make a few pair of these, in slightly nicer fabric, for wearing with tank tops around the house in the summer. I’d much rather wear loose, cool pants than shorts because I find shorts uncomfortable for sitting around in, for the most part. But these, in the right fabric, would be very funky and pretty, and I wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen in them if I had to answer the door to my friends the postman and the UPS driver! A stiffer cotton fabric instead of the softer sheet fabric, would give them a more defined shape (like the picture above from the book) and make them even prettier, less “loungey”, I’m sure.

I don’t think the pictures do them justice, because they’re really pretty cute and I think I don’t (I hope) look quite as dumpy as I do in the pictures 😉 You can’t tell from the small pictures but they’re white with a pink pinstripe type pattern (click on the pictures for the large pic and you can see it well). And did I mention they were sheets and sooo comfy? I thought maybe I did.

Anyway, I think I could easily make another pair of these pants in two hours. The instructions were good, step by step with diagrams. That’s awesome for me because I can’t always visual written instructions well, and I always appreciate pictures/diagrams to help me along. I’m going to try making Brianna and I matching pairs of lounge pants (all together now…”awwww”).

Next up: Dog collars from Amy Karol’s book, Bend-the-Rules-Sewing

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