We’ve hired a new content editor and are catching up on submissions, so if you’re thinking to submit, now is a great time.

People have been asking about particular genres we’re looking for. One thing I know, we’ve gotten inundated with romantic suspense. If you write romantic suspense, it will need to be pretty great for us to consider it at this point, and something different than the cop catching a serial killer storyline unless you’ve got a unique twist on it. We’re kind of feeling played out there.

Paranormal is still hot, and we’ll still consider vampires, shifters (personally, I’m a fan of shifters), demons and otherwise. We like different, but we also know there are readers out there who still love vampires.

We like contemporary but it’s the genre we see most of (along with romantic suspense) so it needs to be special for us to want to sign it. That doesn’t mean don’t submit it, it just means make sure your writing is tight, the pacing is good and your manuscript clean (actually, that really can be said of every submission!)

Erotic romance of any genre is still something most of our editors love. But the kicker here is that there must be story and plot to your erotic romance, not just some sex scenes strung together. And the sex scenes should be hot, not clinical. There’s a difference!

We have several editors who love a great historical romance, so if you’re writing historicals: western, regency, ancient Egypt, whatever, they’d love to see it!

Some genres that we want to publish more of but get few excellent submissions in include: inspirational, interracial romance, GBLT (especially m/m but we do sign a great f/f when it comes along), urban fantasy and fantasy romance.

Remember, we’re no longer accepting non-romance submissions (except in the fantasy/science fiction categories, and they have to have romantic elements). That means no YA, no horror, women’s fiction, non-fiction, etc.

A couple key things to remember when you’re submitting: Please make sure you include a thorough synopsis–at least two pages but however many it takes to tell the story, including the end! Proofread and spell check. I know spell check seems useless, but it really does catch spelling errors. Having a book that’s fairly clean is going to work in your favor at all times, but even more so if it’s a genre we see a lot of. There’s no reason for us to take on a book that needs a lot of work when there are other submissions that come through in great shape. And last, please read our submissions guidelines before you send your submission. http://samhainpublishing.com/submissions

*permission to forward granted*

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