I’ve ever received in my inbox.

From Hanes it read:

Wedgies: The Epidemic Comes to an End

Bwahahaha. To make it even better, they have a “Wedgie free website” that’s been specially developed seperate from the Hanes website, which includes “wedgie stories”. Bwahahaha.

For those who are curious, they’re advertising a new line of “no ride up” panties which don’t really float my boat (I think they’re kind of homely looking) but someone out there might be interested. If you try them, please let me know if they work!

And if you want a chance to try them for free, they’re having “Wedgie-Free Wednesdays” where they give away 500 pairs of the new underwear every Wednesday. You can enter for your chance at a pair.

Who knew I could do an entire blog entry all on wedgies and underwear? *snort*

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