In the comments of my last post, T asked:

This comment has little/ nothing to do with the post, but I was thinking…
Angie, you do a lot of different work because you’re the executive editor of Samhain. So which thing takes up the most of your time?
Sorry, I’m just randomly curious.

This is a hard question, because it does vary from week to week. I still spend at least three days a week editing (though there have been weeks where I’ve done only admin things for a week, no editing), because I maintain a schedule with four releases each month. There are a couple reasons I still maintain an editing schedule. First and foremost, I like it. No, strike that. I love it. I love the editing. Second, I do think I do okay at it, so it would be a shame for me to totally give it up 😛 Third, I still make most of my money from editing/royalties. Just like for authors, every month of books I edit, my backlist grows and that’s reflected on my paycheck!

I do try to balance the lengths of the books I’m editing each month (maybe two novels and two shorter length books, for instance) so my schedule is a little easier that way. Editing books isn’t just the editing, but writing the editing letters, guiding it through copy edits and finalizing and answering emails from the authors and much more (cover art, excerpts, blurbs, promotion…).

But that does actually lead to where I spend most of my time when I’m not editing: email. I get email from all over the place. At any given time, I usually have around 60 emails flagged for reply and I do answer emails as they come in, as well. The reason I spend so much time on email is because within that email is usually something that I need to look at, comment on, research, or write. That includes cover art, edits from other editors, submissions from other editors, handbooks, style/grammar questions, various conference stuff, submissions, employment emails and so much else I could spend the day here listing it all.

If you have more questions (any of you, not just T) about what exactly I do, I’d be happy to answer them.

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