I’m looking for information. Can you help?

Part of the information I want to talk about in my 2008 workshops, which are going to cover myths of epublishing as well as basic information about epublishing/small press publishing in general, is money in epublishing. I know Emily Veinglory has attempted to collect some specific numbers, but I’m interested in only very generic numbers.

If you’re willing to share with me–and only me–your 2007 epublishing earnings, I would like to use those numbers for my workshop, no names will be attached.

Total earned (through epublishers, but it can be for print and ebook earnings through those epublishers):
# books total for sale (not just new books, but backlist books):
# publishers (the books above were published through0:
Were you a new author in 2007?

One author got particularly motivated and broke it down further to # of novels, novellas and short stories but that’s not necessary unless you really want to send me that info. I will use it if you send it.

My goal is to (hopefully) demonstrate that a living can be made in ebooks (one author has already responded who makes 1 1/2x what my husband makes at his day job), but that the income/royalties made can vary widely per author as well, and that backlist does help.

If you’re interested in sharing with me–and again, I will share names with no one else–please email me at angie@samhainpublishing.com. I’m already privy to Samhain’s numbers, I just really don’t want this to be about Samhain, but about epublishing in general, because my workshops are about epublishing, promoting positive information about epublishing. And I promise, this is not about finding out other publisher’s sales numbers, which is why I don’t ask who you write for, or what books you have with each. I am asking general numbers only. I understand many of you are not comfortable sharing this information, so no worries! I’m hoping if I ask around, I’ll come up with a few respondents 🙂

If you think you know of others who might be interested in sharing their numbers with me, please pass this on. Full permission is granted and I’ve already posted on the Samhain author loop as well as Romance Divas.

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