The weather here. The weather where I live hasn’t been too bad, but Phoenix this time of year is really awesome. I’d forgotten that. I’ve spent most of the morning on my balcony, working on a few things I needed to get done. Including my workshop handouts (which are now in the hands of Staples for printing. Thank goodness for online uploading and Staples!) I’m getting ready to go out and get some lunch, maybe do some shopping and then gear up for the conference.

Where I’m staying is just a mile or so down the road from where I used to live, so it’s been interesting, to see all the changes that have taken place in the last eight years. When I lived here, Chandler was a very southern suburb of Phoenix and not too developed yet. They road I lived off of was full of empty fields and not too crowded with businesses. Since I’ve lived here, a mall has gone up, lots of nice shopping areas, restaurants, and hotels. It’s amazing to see the differences, while still seeing what’s familiar.

It’s reminded me of memories I haven’t thought of in a long time. I lived here my first year out of college, there were quite a few people I knew and partied with that lived and worked with us, and that year was still a continuation of the college partying. We worked during the day and partied at night. There weren’t many nights were we weren’t doing cookouts, going to the bar or traveling to the lake. It was really a fun time and I have good memories of it. It was the only really good year of my first marriage, and sadly, at the end of that year, I also knew I should never have married my husband. He was a fabulous friend but not the right guy for me (yay for Josh, who is SO the right guy for me, hands down!). It’s fun to be here and look back and see how much my life has changed. I’m happy I have those memories but it makes me realize how happy I am that I grew up and moved forward! I’m glad I was invited to attend the conference and had a chance to come a day early and get around the area.

Now, I have to go find Daisy Duck, because I foolishly told my daughter that’s what I would bring her It’s what she wanted and I, being simple, said sure!–my husband laughed. Darn him 😉

More from my iPhone later if I see anything fun!

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