I’ve been here since Monday and I haven’t blogged (the TBR post for yesterday was set up in advance).

It’s been pretty crazy busy, I’m tired as heck and having an absolute blast. Every year I get to meet people that I’ve chatted with on the phone, via email and in IM and it’s such a fun opportunity to put the faces to the names.

Today is a pretty packed day for me (for someone who’s not actually registered and has told people she’s just here to be an RT social butterfly, I sure have had a lot of stuff on my schedule). This morning we have the Samhain Publisher spotlight at 10:30, then it’s off to lunch with an author. From there I have to jet to Club RT and take a turn at the ARe booth, then run from there to an interracial panel I’m doing at 3pm this afternoon. I’ll have a short break in there and then a Samhain staff dinner. Whew.

Most people just got here yesterday, so their week is only just starting. Since I’ve been here since Monday, I’m glad to say that I only planned to be here until Friday. Just long enough to get to meet up with people and chat, but not so long that I totally run myself into the ground.

I probably won’t have time to post again until this weekend, but if you are at RT and for some reason reading this, and I haven’t seen you yet, come see me at the publisher spotlight, club RT or the panel and say hi!

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