So I’m going to take the opportunity to brag.

This is today’s current bestseller list from today at My Bookstore and More. Six of the ten books on this list are mine. That used to happen a lot in the first year, when I was one of only a few editors, but since we’ve increased our editor numbers, I usually get around 3 or so, but rarely six.

If you’re wondering which they are:

1. The Wallflower by Dana Marie Bell
2. Claiming Their Mate by Paige McKellan
3. Rachel’s Totem by Marie Harte
4. Treasure Hunting by J.B. McDonald
6. Private Maneuvers by Denise A. Agnew
10. Cowgirl Up and Ride by Lorelei James (which spent quite a bit of time at the #1 spot and has been slowly dropping over the past month).

Interesting to note that the #1 book is 1) a brand new author as this is her first ever release and 2) a non-erotic book and 3)It’s only been on sale a little over a week. Same goes for the #4 book. Just pointing out that it is possible to sell an ebook and sell it well without the erotic tag in front of it! Dana has been a virtual whirlwind of promotion since I signed this book and it shows in her sales, and yet all the while she’s continued to write (and get contracted) two more books in this series.

Also of note: four of the top ten are non-erotic. Three of the top ten are brand new authors (Dana Marie Bell, Paige McKellan and J.B. McDonald. Do I have great taste in books or what?) Four of the six cat shifter books appear on the top ten. The two that don’t are both urban fantasy but still have romance elements, so you should all go check them out. They are fabulous books, if I do say so myself: Tiger by the Tail by Kaye Chambers and Even for Me by Taryn Blackthorne.

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