The dogs are nearing their six month mark now, and one thing that’s not getting better is the barking. It’s the beagle in them. I’m pretty sensitive to this, as I don’t want to be “that” neighbor, but there are times when they have to be outside for some reason or another (like today while the cleaning lady is here. They’re not allowed to scare her off). And they bark. And bark. And bark. Sometimes they’re barking to come back in. Sometimes they’re barking at each other. Sometimes they’re barking at the neighbors. And sometimes they’re barking at the wind blowing the leaves. It’s annoying. They’re my dogs and I think it’s annoying so I can only imagine how the neighbors must hate us.

I want it to stop. So I need suggestions. What works to stop barking? Any collars, training methods or magic tricks that involve blinking twice and snapping my fingers? Help, please!

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