Early last week I had a phone conversation with one of my newer authors. She was telling me about all these partials she had going, and that she just didn’t know what to work on. Finally, at the end of the conversation, I told there was no way I was going to tell her which one to work on. The important thing was that she write, write every day, and start finishing things.

I’m not an author, so I can’t speak to how the “muse” works, but I am a businessperson and I think have an okay grasp on how my business works, and I know that an author is their own worst enemy sometimes when it comes to their writing career. If you spend all your time worrying about what to write, you’re not writing. If you’re not writing, you’re not getting contracts. If you’re not getting contracts, you’re not getting release dates. And if you’re not getting release dates, you’re losing your publishing momentum and the fans who loved your first book or your second book are moving on to someone who’s producing books regularly–even if it’s once a year or every six months. Regularly doesn’t have to mean five times a year. It just means that fans know if they get hooked on your books, your series, they can depend on you to keep working and release them…regularly.

I have seen authors sabotage their own careers because they get stalled. By life. By the muse. By…whatever. There’s always something to grab onto as an excuse. Yes, of course there will be times when you can’t write, but those times should not be the majority. They should be the exception. Because the authors who make it? They’re the ones who write. Every day. They make it their business to write because it IS their business. Those are the authors I want to sign. The authors who want to write the books, get the contracts, the release dates, build their momentum, their readership and treat my business as their business. If you are one of those writers, I want you to come and write for me. Other editors and publishers, from epublishing to NY want you to come and write for them. Because publishing is our business and we want to know that it’s yours too.

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