Not today, but I spent half the day (since I have a cold and the cold medicines made me too groggy to edit) shopping for plane tickets. I bought tickets to Cincinnati for the Lori Foster event at the beginning of June, tickets to my family reunion in July, and tickets to San Francisco for RWA Nationals. I’m really excited to be going to my family reunion this summer because I haven’t seen my dad for over a year, and I’ll see relatives–and they will get to meet Brianna for the first time–who I haven’t seen in many, many years (some since my grandfather’s funeral over ten years ago!).

I already had tickets for my flight to Atlanta and back–Atlanta is where my New Zealand/Australia trip in August starts. And, of course, the tickets to NZ and back from Australia were bought several months ago. We’re going to be hitting New Zealand, then flying to Sydney, Brisbane and then on to Melbourne for the Australia conference.

The one thing I’m not looking forward to in all this traveling is the new airline baggage restrictions. Because there’s just no way I can pack for a week or more away in ONE suitcase. And I can’t wait to try packing for a week of camping at my family reunion and then a week of conference at the same time (I’m going from one to the other). Bleh.

Anyone else booking airfare and taking a trip this summer? And shout out at me if you’re going to be at any of the same conferences!

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