I had new headshots taken last week, as well as some casual fun shots, by my friend Melissa, of Bluebug Photography. I have to choose a new headshot a little quickly, because I have to get it sent out to two different conferences. So far, the people I’ve polled have been split pretty firmly down the middle on two shots. These are the two that almost everyone picked out, and then had a preference for one or the other.

So I’m asking you. If you were to see my photo on a conference website or brochure, which would you consider the best representation of me?



Those are the two I’m trying to choose between, but I’m sharing this one just because it’s fun and a lot of people liked it as a fun photo. (you can’t vote for this one because I’m not using it as a headshot).

There are more to see, but I’m not going to share them until they’re all ready, but they are all amazing. Melissa is an incredibly talented photographer!

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