If Jon Bon Jovi ever watches some of these old videos, or looks at pictures, and wonders what the hell he was thinking with that hair? I was watching Totally 80s on VH1 (because, yes, I am that old and that much of a geek) and saw a video of “Shot Through the Heart” that made me wince with the long hair.

And omg, the Air Supply Hall and Oates** video. Mrs. Giggles and I just had a short conversation about them in the comments of her blog, and then this video, which I’ve never seen before, came on Totally 80s. Really, really bad (and I like Air Supply Hall and Oates, actually! But this was bad even for me). Watch the first 30 seconds for some really bad dancing that will make you laugh your ass off

And here’s a version of “Shot Through the Heart” that I stumbled on and am posting here especially for Mel and Goose.

And yes, this is what I do on Mother’s Day. Watch 80s videos. In between doing the laundry. My life. It is glamorous 😉 (but I AM being taken to lunch for blue crabs, so at least a little glamour)

Happy Mother’s Day!

**I was sitting at lunch, and I was telling Josh about this video, and realized I’d said Air Supply when I meant Hall and Oates (they’re pretty hard to mistake, especially that mustache!)

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