That’s the kind of day I had today. No matter how often during the day I realized I was being completely unproductive (and by unproductive, I mean I got just about no work done. But I did bake bread) I couldn’t get myself motivated. Not to look at edits, not to answer emails, not to update spreadsheets…nothing. Maybe it’s the weather–we’ve had driving rain, gusting wind and some generally chilly weather since yesterday evening. Whatever it was, I spent the day feeling lethargic and icky. I did research the Asus Eee and Asus 900 and decide that I’m going to buy an Asus 900 for traveling. Because lugging my 17″, 8lb laptop through over 20 security/custom checkpoints and across multiple airports and cities in the next six months holds about as much appeal as drinking milk that’s been left out on the counter for three days. Yeah, that much appeal.

However, one thing did make me smile today. The rather fun irony (as pointed out to me by my husband) of this particular advertisement being packaged together (in the oh-so discreet black plastic–which oddly, my Romantic Times magazine is also packaged in) with this particular magazine. Heh.

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