My friend Erin issued a blog challenge to our playgroup: show current pictures of your house (since we’ve all been busy planting). Erin, this is for you.

**special thanks to my brother-in-law, who works for Pepsi and knows I’m a big Dale Jr. fan, for sending me some promo stuff–Amp, which is a product of Pepsi is a Dale Jr. sponsor–today via my husband. Special note to my readers: no, I don’t usually hang a Dale Jr. banner from my house, sadly (proof posted below), and, even more sadly, my husband made sure it came down immediately after the pictures. Also, I tried to convince him we should hang the banner in the bedroom and put the life size Jr. cardboard cutout there as well, but I believe they ended up in the garage. Darn it 😉 (those two hanging baskets were purchased at my new favorite gardening center on Mother’s Day. I love them.)

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