It’s come to my attention that Josh and I are going to have to make up some details of our dating life.**

How did we meet? In a bar.

What’s our engagement story? I got pregnant.

What was your wedding like? Me, eight months pregnant, him, and the justice of the peace at the courthouse on Josh’s lunch break. We went to lunch after (Mexican). I went home (we were living with his parents while we looked for a house) and broke the news to his mom, and Josh went back to work, lolol. And there are no pictures from that day. Oh, I didn’t call my dad until later that night to tell him. He’d never met Josh, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t know what to think, though he’s happy about it now.

But honest, we are happily married.

But perhaps someone out there could fabricate a wildly romantic courtship, proposal and wedding for us to tell Brianna ๐Ÿ˜› And if you could photoshop some pictures, too, that would be swell.

**I actually have no regrets about how any of it happened, I just realized how it might sound to people who don’t know. How odd it might seem.

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