I almost didn’t make it by the deadline! I’m getting ready to leave for another work trip (to Florida, just for the weekend) so this is going to be a little more brief, but I didn’t want to miss participating in TBR Day. It’s actually been a great thing for me, because it’s motivated me to pull out some books that I might otherwise overlook for newer ones. I also think I’ve been reading a little more because of this, though still not as much as I read last year. One thing I noticed, is that I read more when I travel, and I have a lot of traveling coming up, so I think I’ll get some more of my TBR pile cleared out.

I have to tell you, I cleared an entire five shelf bookshelf this past weekend and boxed it up. The shelf had books double shelved, and sometimes four rows to a shelf. I donated some boxes to a USO drive that a local radio station did, and the others are going to a local woman’s shelter. I’ve decided that I’m not holding on to paper TBR books any longer, as long as I can find them in ebook format. I will still maintain my keeper shelves, though–basically those books that I would absolutely need to have if I lost all access to electricity.

Now, on to May’s TBR challenge. I’ve noticed in the past weeks, a lot of bloggers talking about Kresley Cole’s new releases. As it happens, I read A Hunger Like No Other years ago when it first released, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not sure why I never read any of the follow-ups, though I did own them all. So when I started seeing reviews of her May release, Dark Needs at Night’s Edge, I decided Kresley Cole would be my TBR read for the month of May.

I read No Rest for the Wicked, and Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night back to back. And as it turns out, I’m glad I waited to read them, so I could read them back to back (since they were released a year apart. As a note, I’m a big fan of more frequent releases–at least twice a year).

I think, given that I read them back to back, it’s probably clear that I lied at least the first one, but I actually have enjoyed all the books in the series so far (I’ve only read the first three, I have the ebook of the fourth on my reader). Kresley Cole has done an interesting thing in her books, making her characters not totally lovable, but always engaging and interesting. I like that they’re not always your standard “perfect” hero and heroine, but obviously flawed and sometimes jerks.

Because of that, I found myself even more interested in discovering how she brings the couples together happily, how they overcome the issues and problems in the books. Her stories are certainly not boring, or conventional, and she’s got a fun cast of secondary characters throughout the series that are 1) obviously series bait but 2) still entertaining. I enjoyed the scattering of even lesser characters which provide some depth and light humor to her world.

So, with apologies for the different format this month and the briefer “review” since I’m crazy with getting ready to leave town, let me wrap up by saying I’m planning on Dark Needs at Night’s Edge being one of my reads coming up, and I’m glad I don’t have to wait for Dark Desires After Dusk since it released Tuesday. These books are recommended for those who like a darker, edgier paranormal with imperfect characters.

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