Who is so smart and witty and interesting to talk to, that you want to run out and grab their backlist. Of course, if you’re already a fan of their books, even better, since you’ve already read and/or own their backlist.

I had no idea that I was going to have a chance tonight to engage in conversation with Roxanne St. Clair. She was one of those wonderful people who makes feel instantly comfortable and engaged in the conversation. In a weird coincidence, she’s very good friends with Kresley Cole, who I just blogged about on Wednesday.

As soon as I met her, I mentioned that I had read and really enjoyed her book, Hit Reply written as Rocki St. Claire. I thought I remembered blogging it and indeed I did, almost three years ago exactly! It’s a very smart, funny book that I loved despite my pre-conceived prejudices against it (since it’s chick lit and written in a bit of a different format, which I talk about in my blog post).

One of the best things about conferences is meeting authors you’ve read and enjoyed, and discovering they’re amazing, neat people. It makes buying and reading their books even more enjoyable for me!

I had a fantastic time at the cocktail party tonight. This Florida chapter has some very entertaining and lovely members (as all chapters I’ve visited have, one of the things I love about doing these smaller RWA meetings) and the great conversation made the time fly, so thanks to all of them who were there.

Tomorrow it’s editor appointments, talking about Samhain (one of my favorite subjects, of course), and cold reads!

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