Don’t count my chickens…

After Josh and Brianna picked me up at the airport (and Brianna was very, very happy to see me) we went to the Annapolis mall, where I was SURE the Lush store would be open, since they had been working on it when I was there mid-April. I was really looking forward to picking up a few products that I’ve been dying for (including some toner that is so wonderfully refreshing when you fly). Sadly, the store looks like it’s ready to open any time. Just not today when I was there. Dammit.

Expect the unexpected…

On my flight, I flew back business class on AirTran and the flight attendant was a beautiful, large, very masculine black man (he reminded me a little of Ving Rhames)–who was reading Zane during every quiet minute he had. I asked him about it (because I’m like that) and he was a little embarrassed at first, but told me it was a book left on the plane (which made me think I need to leave a Samhain book on every plane I fly on!) and he was curious about it. He was about a third through and was a little shocked, lol, but said he figured it would give him insight into “what you women are reading, and what you think”. I loved it.

Some fashion don’ts should stay fashion don’ts…

Calf-length socks and thong-style flip flops are not a fashion statement, unless that statement is that you dressed in the dark and have no feeling in your feet. Dude. Duuuuude.

Home is where the heart is

It really, really is.

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