That’s my three year old. Lately, getting her dressed in the morning has become a TON of fun *sarcasm*. She has more clothes than one child could possibly ever wear, thanks to my MIL, and to my complete inability to pass by a cute outfit in the store. But seriously, we have summer clothes that I got that I stored for this year, plus all the clothes my MIL bought, plus clothes I’ve picked up “here and there”. Her wardrobe is really quite cute. Too bad she only wants to wear the things that are older or rattier, meant for playing in the backyard, NOT wearing to daycare.

So every morning I try to cajole her into a cute outfit, and most mornings she pulls out a mismatch of shirts and shorts or skirts. Pink shirts, orange skirts, blue shoes, varying shades of purple in the outfit…she doesn’t care. I’m trying to reach my zen place of not caring either, as long as she’s in weather appropriate clothes. But it’s hard, very, very hard, when I want to dress her in all those cute little outfits that I spent money on, dammit.

I realized this morning that it’s definitely about her exerting her control over her wardrobe choices, because I was pulling things out of her drawers and without even looking, barely letting me say “what about this” she’d said no. She didn’t even turn her head. “No.”

“But what about–”


“But look how cu–”


I am not above trying different forms of “Don’t you want to show so and so your cute outfit?” though that rarely works. So this morning, I laid a few cute outfit choices on the bed, said a firm “No” of my own to shorts (since it’s chilly here today) and to the faux fur shrug that she wanted to wear. Amazingly, she actually ended up in one of the ultra-cute outfits I laid out, but she picked out her own shoes–shiny black patent leather. I am not without my smarts, though, and carried extra shoes to daycare. She had them changed before I even left the room. Ha!

So today, I “won” the battle of the clothes, but these days are coming much less frequently. I just shudder to think of the day when she has to pick out her own clothes at the store. My credit card is afraid too.

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