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IMG_0397 We took Brianna to see Wall-E yesterday. She’s been talking about Wall-E for two weeks. We’ve watched every official trailer/teaser they’ve uploaded to YouTube at least ten times. Some of them more. She got Wall-E figurines when we were in Annapolis last weekend, and has carried them around all week. And so, though she’s never been to the movies before (our ten minute stint at a free showing of Clifford last summer doesn’t count), we decided that if ever this was a movie she’d sit through, this would be it. So off we went. This is what we saw as we left the driveway. All together now, “Awwww”.

IMG_0399 Here she is, outside the theater, totally excited and pumped about seeing the movie. Though we’d been planning all week that we would go, we didn’t tell her until about an hour and a half beforehand, because we knew she’d ask incessantly about it. And she did, even in that hour and a half. I took her to the bathroom on the way in and she was very, very worried the movie would start without us, though I told her repeatedly we had plenty of time.

Our theater has that comfy stadium seating, with the seats that act like a sofa almost, because the arms go up. And they recline slightly when you lean back. We sat on the second tier, in the front, so we had the railing in front of us. Josh and I like it because we can prop our feet, but also because I don’t have to dodge around someone else’s head (I’m short and even in stadium seating sometimes this can still be a problem). It was good for Brianna because she could stand up when she wanted.

The theater was really empty, maybe only 30 other people tops there. One poor man on his own made the mistake of sitting directly behind us. Of course, he CHOSE to sit behind a three year old, so I don’t have too much sympathy, since the rest of the theater was seriously empty (there wasn’t anyone at all in the front section, we were actually the only people in our row so everyone else was seated behind us). But I say “poor man” because Brianna never stopped talking through the entire movie. She made comments, she asked questions and she just kept on going. The good thing is, with the exception of requests for candy or the bathroom, all of her comments/questions were about the movie. She’s just so inquisitive and has to understand. I think that’s a good thing, but I’m sure the man behind us didn’t agree. Too bad 😛

The movie was great! Brianna made it all the way through, though I wasn’t sure she would. There’s a delightful mix of adult/children humour so all ages can enjoy it. Though it’s not a movie that demands to be seen in the theater, if you’re a movie-goer or your kids are dying to see it (or you are) then go!

Brianna didn’t say a lot about the movie immediately after we left, though I later realized it was because she was cranky and tired and ready for a nap (and distracted because first we wouldn’t let her play the video games in the theater and then second because we didn’t go to the mall attached to the theater). So I wasn’t sure how much she actually enjoyed it. But this morning, while Josh and I were still laying comatose in bed (she gets up really early and just comes into bed with us and watches TV while we try to struggle to life), she was talking about Wall-E. I won’t tell you what she said, since it’s a mini-spoiler, but it was also the first thing she said to her daycare teachers when she walked in this morning. And she took her Wall-E figurines with her as well. On the way to daycare, she asked if we could go see Wall-E again. I think that all sums up to it being a hit with a three year old, don’t you?

Even if you have seen the movie, but haven’t seen some of the short teasers (with clips of things not included in the movie) go here and watch them. So fun! everyone should watch these on a Monday, because they’re silly and cute and will make you laugh. Here’s Brianna’s two favorites (only about 23 seconds each, so if you have a minute, go ahead and watch them):


That’s what I said when I saw the lady who parked in the very front handicap spot at Sam’s Club walk ALL OVER Sam’s and come out with a full cart of stuff. She really needed to save herself that extra few yards of walking, didn’t she?

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Overheard in Wal-mart

A conversation between two boys, somewhere around 12 years old, dressed in what looked to be church clothes.

Boy1: Don’t buy the album, you can just download it for free off the internet.

Boy2: That’s illegal!

Boy3: It is NOT!

The conversation made me laugh, coming between two such young ones, and though Josh and I were standing apart from each other in the aisle, we both heard it and looked at each other and chuckled. When I looked over, one boy had one in a semi-headlock. They were behind me when the had the conversation, so I’m not sure if it was the defender of musician’s rights or free downloading who was winning.


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I say finally because it’s the first time we’ve actually gotten to the beach this summer (it’s also not often there’s pictorial proof of me at the beach, but I made sure this time). We had a great time, actually went offroad, which was so awesome because we could just drive our truck to the water and park—no hauling all that beach stuff for half a mile through the sand, while dragging a toddler along behind you. Yuck! IMG_0388


Windows Live Writer

So this is kind of cool. I’m using a new blog editor called Windows Live Writer. It’s desktop based, so you don’t have to be in the back end of your blog to type the post. It makes inserting pictures, videos and other rich content a whole hell of a lot easier than I was finding it in WordPress.

As a for instance, I linked to Windows Live Writer above. There’s a click box to the right that gives me that option, and when the box pops up to insert the link, it also allows me to choose if I want that link to open in a new window. Groovy.


Now for the picture. Usually I’d have to first crop the picture how I want it, then upload it to my blog using the image browser, and insert code to nest it in my text. But the blog editor has those functions all in this one screen, and it uploads the picture to my blog for me. I can make it bigger or smaller or add effects (hello, how do you think the picture ended up with rounded corners?). It also allows you to set the option of having this thumbnail link to a larger picture when it’s clicked on. Or link to a website when clicked on. Wheee! Blogging has never been quicker or easier. I have to admit, that part of the reason I haven’t always shared pictures (like this one) that I’ve intended to is because it’s such a pain. If the picture is too big a file, it freaks the image browser out, and becomes a huge headache to insert. No more! Now I have this groovy blog editor. There goes one excuse for not blogging out the window.


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