Like, for instance, that one of the potential side effects of penicillin is a black, hairy tongue*. Guh, what?

I know this because I have a wonderful new prescription of penicillin to help combat the fantabulous case of strep I apparently contracted–the day before I’m supposed to leave for the Lori Foster event. Some of us have all the luck.

It will only be even luckier if I get to experience the black, hairy tongue–while at the Lori Foster event with readers, authors and other industry professionals. Wouldn’t THAT be fun?

*I have to give props to Target’s pill bottles. I love them, and now, underneath the label, they slip in a little miniature information card. I think most people probably bypass the information sheets (I don’t, but I worked in the medical field so I like to read about what I’m taking) but this makes it so convenient, you just slip the little card out from behind the label and it has a few very basic facts. In this case, that I could potentially have a tongue that could star in a horror film.

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