I ended up without internet connection at the Lori Foster event because my laptop somehow stopped recognizing any drivers (including the wireless connection) so I wasn’t able to log on. I got home Sunday night and Monday I was pretty beat. Being sick at a conference is extremely draining, and I didn’t sleep well, so I spent a large part of Monday feeling kind of slow and dull.

Then, yesterday, Brianna got sick so I took her to the doctor and spent the rest of the day with her planted pretty firmly on my lap, which makes typing difficult. She seems to be feeling better this morning and has been begging to go to daycare, but I’m making her wait until mid-morning, to see if she’s really feeling better or if it’s just an early morning energy surge, which is what I think it is.

I do have a whole lot of promo items and signed books that I got at the conference this weekend, and am going to be holding a giveaway here as soon as they arrive (I had to have them shipped to me since I only carried one suitcase to the conference).

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