United Airlines and US Airways announced today that they’re joining American Airlines in charging passengers for the first bag. And, to make things even better? US Airways is going to charge for non-alcoholic drinks as well (soda, juice, water). In other words, pack as much as you can in a carry-on, and be prepared to be raped on the price of food and drink in the airport. Yay for our economy! Aren’t I just excited to be traveling US Airways a bunch this summer? Bleh.

And then there were three.

United Airlines announced early Thursday that it would join American Airlines in charging its passengers $15 for checking first bags. Later in the day, US Airways followed suit — and took it even further.

In addition to the first-bag fee, which affects tickets booked on or after July 9, US Air said it will sell non-alcoholic beverages — soda, juice, coffee, bottled water — for $2, starting August 1. Alcoholic drinks will be available for $7 — up from the current $5 tab. The carrier also boosted its call service ticket fees, and plans to cut domestic capacity and slash 1,700 jobs from its work force.

Props to my hubby for pointing me to the article.

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