I’ll be doing Raven Radio tonight with Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow. Hopefully someone out there has something they want to ask me, because otherwise I’m going to spend a half hour telling cute Brianna stories. I have lots.

Samhain Publishing’s lovely and talented Executive Editor Angela James
will be joining us on Raven Radio this coming Wed (June 18th 11PM
-11:30 PM EST). It’s your chance to call in with any questions you
might have for her.

If you’d like to email them to me, feel free.

mandy AT mandyroth DOT com

I can read them on air for her.

Also, there is a new click to talk option with blogtalkradio. If you
have a microphone you can use that and simple press the click to talk
button during the live show to call in and talk with her. You can also
use your phone to call in.

Listener dial-in number during LIVE shows
(646) 595-3998 (New York number, long distance charges apply)

There is also a LIVE chat during the shows. Follow the link below and
look for CHAT LIVE buttons! You can type your questions or comments
in there during the chat and we’ll ask/answer them on air!


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