By the skin of my teeth! How can it be the third Wednesday already?

This month I actually read 6 TBR books, but only two TBR authors. I read three books by Patricia Briggs and three by Lois McMaster Bujold. Okay, technically I read four by Patricia Briggs, but one of them was a new book (Cry Wolf). I’m only going to talk about When Demons Walk today, since I’m a bit late with this post, but I have to say I loved all of the books I read!

I’m a big fan of Patrica Briggs’ Mercy series, and I collected her backlist after I read the first Mercy book when it originally came out. But for some reason I collected them–and never read them. So I’ve been cleaning out my bookshelves and hers were some of the books I decided I needed to read. I was also reminded when I saw a post on Paperback Writer’s blog about some of Patricia Briggs’ older books being repackaged (with some pretty wicked covers). And then I saw one of those repackaged books, When Demons Walk, in Walmart. And then in Barnes and Noble. It was like signs from me.

I loved When Demon’s Walk. It’s narrated by Sham, a young sorceress whose drawn into “court” life to use her magical talents to figure out who is killing court nobles. She’s a fascinating character and the narrative voice is very strong, as it is in all of Patrica Briggs’ books. She’s definitely got a strong affinity for her characters, both primary and secondary, with a great ability to make them come alive with subtle layering and cues. I think this is especially hard with a first person book, because you have to give the reader clues that even the narrator doesn’t know. Skilled authors pull off first person exceptionally well through layering and story telling, and Patricia Briggs has this in spades.

I’m a huge fantasy fan, so I appreciated the world building, but I’m also a huge romance fan, so while I appreciated the romance thread, I also wished it would have been a little more developed. It was very subtle, though, and probably perfect for someone looking for more fantasy and less romance. In all, the author did lead us without making it obvious, to the conclusion.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of fantasy, of Patricia Briggs, I highly recommend this book, and hey! You can even pick it up in Walmart these days!

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