As if you couldn’t tell. We went out of town last Friday and I ran around Thursday trying to get things done before we left. Brianna got sick while we were gone, and Josh lost his voice (though he swears he wasn’t sick). Now that they’re both working at getting healthy again, I seem to have gotten Brianna’s cold. Which, for the month of June, puts me at a case of strep, double ear infections that did not want to clear up and now a cold. In one month. I swear, I’ve never been so sick as I have been this year, I wish I knew why because I’m frustrated, tired of being sick (and just plain tired) and more than a little worried about all the traveling I have coming up!

I haven’t done any reading in the past week, except for magazines, but I did get to go see Sex and the City last Wednesday night. It was fabulous. I loved it, I wanted to see it again right away, I wanted to sit down and watch every episode of the series again right away. And I have no idea why I find Chris Noth so sexy as Big when I don’t find him sexy at any other time. One of the mysteries of life, I guess.

Oh, and I love this song from the movie, so haunting and beautiful. Which is weird, since it’s not a song one would normally think of as haunting and beautiful.

This weekend, we were away for one of Josh’s racing events. Brianna actually did pretty good during the time she and I were out there (we also spent a lot of time at malls, she and I!) But one of her favorite things is when she’s allowed to help wash Daddy’s car. She takes the task pretty seriously.

Yesterday, I went to a baby shower. Since Brianna is in daycare, I get to go and not worry about chasing her around. Plus, it gives me a chance to hold the babies (because she gets very jealous when she’s around and I do this). My friend Maria makes beautiful babies and I got to pal around with two of hers. Delilah is the little one, and Pearl is the older (though I remember when Pearl was Delilah’s age!)

Last, I leave you with a picture of this wine I bought in Cincinnati. Mad Housewife wine. I bought it for the cool label (I buy a lot of wines this way. Same way with books!), but the white zin was pretty tasty.

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