So you’ve always wanted to have a WordPress blog, hosted on your own domain, but all the techno-babble that goes along with setting it up makes you break out in hives at the mere thought? There’s a new site that will do all that for you:


From their site:

Blogtastique is a service that helps you build your blog, custom design it, and even outsource your blog management permanently.

It is our philosophy that bloggers should not have to bother about installing the latest WordPress installation, deleting spam comments, finding the best plugins and managing their images. We want to help you by taking the management burden of your block off your shoulders. Let us do the hard work, all you’ll have to concentrate on is writing and marketing. Heck, if you want we’ll even help you with that!

The best things in life are free right? Free as in speech, air and blog setup! If you’re new on the scene, or just don’t have enough time, let us install your blogs with your choice of plugins and themes, or let us recommend some for you.

If you’ve never installed WordPress before you might be set back by the uploading, config file modification and so on. For those of us working with WordPress this is a simple and easy task. Why should you pay even $5 for something that will take us 5-10 minutes? We will gladly install your blog for you for free!

As veteran “WordPressers” we also use a lot of plugins, and have seen our share of themes over the years. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll recommend plugins so you can maximize your (and your readers’) experience, and we’ll also show you some themes we think would suit the site, all this, for free of course. In addition, we will also install the plugins you want and the theme you had in mind and we’ll send you a tutorial on how to do this for yourself in the future. Have we mentioned free yet?

They, of course, also have paid services, but just the fact of getting someone to set up your original WordPress blog for free is awesome, because it’s a huge headache. I’m going to try them out. I’ve been thinking of setting up a seperate blog (because, you know, I’m so good about keeping this one updated) for even more personal use (aka lots more stuff about Brianna) but have been dragging my heels partly because I didn’t want the work of the actual setup. Tada! This website service appeared in my life at just the right time. I’ll report back on how it all goes, but in the meantime, check out their website for yourself, if you’re interested in having your own WordPress blog.

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