So this is kind of cool. I’m using a new blog editor called Windows Live Writer. It’s desktop based, so you don’t have to be in the back end of your blog to type the post. It makes inserting pictures, videos and other rich content a whole hell of a lot easier than I was finding it in WordPress.

As a for instance, I linked to Windows Live Writer above. There’s a click box to the right that gives me that option, and when the box pops up to insert the link, it also allows me to choose if I want that link to open in a new window. Groovy.


Now for the picture. Usually I’d have to first crop the picture how I want it, then upload it to my blog using the image browser, and insert code to nest it in my text. But the blog editor has those functions all in this one screen, and it uploads the picture to my blog for me. I can make it bigger or smaller or add effects (hello, how do you think the picture ended up with rounded corners?). It also allows you to set the option of having this thumbnail link to a larger picture when it’s clicked on. Or link to a website when clicked on. Wheee! Blogging has never been quicker or easier. I have to admit, that part of the reason I haven’t always shared pictures (like this one) that I’ve intended to is because it’s such a pain. If the picture is too big a file, it freaks the image browser out, and becomes a huge headache to insert. No more! Now I have this groovy blog editor. There goes one excuse for not blogging out the window.

Let’s see, what else. I can still post to the future, so I’m writing this Friday night but setting it to post Saturday morning. It has an option to insert tags still as well as choose categories (and create new categories). Write posts and save them as drafts. You can also insert video, maps and tables, though I’ll have to play with those options further.

You can preview what it looks like exactly in your blog, not just on a page. There’s spell check (which I had thanks to Firefox, but still, we all need spell check in some form!) I’m sure there’s a downside to this somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet. So if you’re not in love with your blog dashboard, try this out. I know it works with different blogs, though I can’t say specifically which ones. I also know that you can use it with more than one blog. So if you blog at a personal blog, and a group blog, you can use it for both!

Can you tell I like this? I do!

And now, because I can and because it’s too easy not to, another picture of the tiny terror and her daddy. 


*One thing I haven’t figured out how to do yet is insert a “read more” break, but since I don’t use them often, I’m not too worried about that. Oops, never mind, there it is up there on the toolbar labeled split post!

**There is another editor called ScribeFire that I’m also going to check out which some say is better. So you might get another, even more enthusiastic post.

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