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I say finally because it’s the first time we’ve actually gotten to the beach this summer (it’s also not often there’s pictorial proof of me at the beach, but I made sure this time). We had a great time, actually went offroad, which was so awesome because we could just drive our truck to the water and park—no hauling all that beach stuff for half a mile through the sand, while dragging a toddler along behind you. Yuck! IMG_0388


The one thing that’s not so awesome about the beach offroad is no bathrooms! But I’ve discovered the trick to this—getting a camping privacy/shower tent and setting up a portable toilet in there. I need one because, well, I can’t go for hours without a bathroom (which is the very reason I always get an aisle seat on the plane). And the water is coooold so there’s no hanging out in there (not to mention the surf was brutal). And no privacy sooo…privacy tent needed before next trip to beach (which will hopefully be soon!) Sadly, he horseflies also loved me so my ankles got attacked. I guess I’ll be the one person who has to wear bugspray at the beach, even though there was plenty of wind that I shouldn’t have to worry, darn it.

We’re pretty lucky IMG_0176to be able to visit such a beautiful area and experience things like this picture to the right—yeah, those are horses on the beach, just at the edge of the waterline. They’re the “famous” Assateague wild ponies. Cool, eh?


Next, I want to try surf fishing (because all the years I’ve been to the ocean, I’ve never done this) and having a fire on the beach at night. Doesn’t that sound fun? A fire with the sound of the ocean and the surf in the background, the stars over the ocean and no city lights or sounds to compete?

IMG_0150 IMG_0389


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