LB&LI Workshops

Left Behind & Loving It Workshops from the ladies who have broken in… erm… used the key Angie left them, to blogsit (wonder if she’ll ever leave it for us again). These are going on now, if you get a chance, stop by.

The Anatomy Of Sex Scenes by Jaci Burton — Writing sex can sometimes be the most uncomfortable part of writing the book. But it doesn’t have to be. A few key pointers that may help charge up your sex scenes and drag the writer out of their ‘discomfort’ zone.

When Only the Right Word Will Do by Shannon Stacey — Using word choices to add humor, help you show instead of tell, strengthen your voice and heighten characterization in deep POV in your second draft.

Cover Art: From Form to Finish by Mandy M. Roth — Tips and tricks for filling out your cover art forms, the steps and stages a cover goes through, the finished product and a walkthrough on using your cover to make your own static banner ad.

Rumor Has It…

You know, those of us who’ve been charged with keeping an eye on Angie’s blog have been diligent in our efforts to be…well…thorough.

So we of course had to go through her stuff.

Imagine our shock when we discovered that Angie is not only an Evil Editor….

We found evidence of something much more heinous.

We thought about keeping it to ourselves. But really, something like this must be shared. After all, we’re duty bound to warn you for your own safety.

Are you ready? Brace yourselves.

We’ve discovered, while going through the archives of said Evil Editor, that Angie is secretly in cahoots with

evil ed1


I know. It’s too terrible to comprehend, but the photo above is proof.

Shame Angie, Shame. How could you?

Blogsitting- Angie’s Room

Yep, still here. Still watering the posts, letting the drafts out and collecting the comments. You know, doing our part to blogsit like the great *evil laugh* friends we are. Today, one of the drafts ran from us. We chased it and when we entered Angie’s bedroom, we thought you’d all want a picture of it too. Plus, we wanted to share  more from her boxes of photos.


We really love that Hoff pillow you have there, Angie.

Holy Rescue, Ex-Knight Rider Man!  Is it me or does that say Angie, I will always love U–David?


Blogsitting for Angie

Hi everyone!

We’re sure you noticed that Angie is gone. We were asked to keep an eye on the blog and to blogsit. We stopped past to water the posts and let the drafts out and happened upon some of Angie’s boxes of photos. We think you’ll find them as shocking as we did.

Angie and Kyle

Angie & Kyle


Angie & BFFs Air Supply


Angie & David @ the beach



Don’t cry for me Argentina…

I have no idea why that’s the title of this post. It was stuck in my head.

Okay, so we’re mostly packed. Just a few loose ends to toss into the suitcases. I’m exhausted and have pink hair. Well, just a few strands are pink, thanks to my hair dresser (yes, on purpose) and it’s not too noticeable unless you’re in good light. It’s pretty though. Apparently, with the nose ring and the pink hair, I’m hitting mid-life crisis early. I was also invited to go get a tat in San Francisco next week so… I’ll try to get a picture of the pink hair before it fades (it’s very temporary and will be mostly gone by the time I hit San Fran) but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post it. Maybe tomorrow from the hotel because I’ve been informed that there will be no cell reception where we’re camping this weekend. Whee! That means no wireless air card reception either so I can blog. Major bummer.

In the meantime, be bad and be good at it.

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