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Steal the Dragon
by Patricia Briggs

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I’m playing with a new plugin on Windows Live Writer. I like that I can do this in 30 seconds. I can add a mini-review if I want, or not at all, just the above image. Since this is a TBR pile book, I feel like I should maybe save my review for TBR Wednesday this month, but I did Patricia Briggs last month, and I don’t want anyone to get bored. So I’ll just say that her backlist continues to keep me entertained and I’m really glad she has a backlist for me to read, because her fantasies are fun! Also, I don’t want to give any spoilers, but if you’ve read this book, you know that Patricia Briggs is not one to save her heroines from bad things and the precedent was set earlier in her writing career—not in the last Mercy book. I thought that was interesting.

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