My laptop had a bit of a meltdown yesterday. IE doesn’t work at all and for some reason, the computer hates Firefox 3.0. I think it’s the fingerprint recognition software on the computer, which I don’t use anyway. But I tried to uninstall it and hey! the computer told me I don’t have admin privileges. Uh huh. So amidst all this, I got some fatal errors when rebooting, it went into system restore and now I’m waiting for an upgrade to Vista Ultimate. I’m hoping that will fix some of my problems, because I’d really like to not have to reformat the whole thing and reload all those programs. That would pretty much suck.

In the meantime, I have the Asus, my old laptop and two desktops to keep me company. Yeah, we’re computer poor in this house. Actually, one of the desktops is new, and wasn’t hooked up, so I spent some time doing that this morning so I could work edits (the old desktop is slow and has Word 2003, which I find awkward to use after using 2007 for so long). I could do edits on the Asus, but it’s small (which is fabulous for traveling and I LOVE it, but I don’t want to work on it for long periods to avoid headaches and eye strain).

The only bad thing is, since I’m not working on my “main” computer, I don’t have my email client set up, so all my old emails are trapped until I get that computer up and running. And I have to go to each account to check my email. Blech. So if you’ve emailed me and/or are waiting to hear from me on something, give it until Monday!

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