About epublishing (and some things you didn’t know you needed to know). Ha! How’s that for one hell of a long title? I don’t caaaaaare 😉

It’s the title of an upcoming workshop I’m doing at NJRW in October (as well as something online for Romance Divas in September), but also the title of a series of articles based on the same information, that I’ve done for the Erotic Readers and Writers Association. I’ve been planning on doing something like this for over a year, but kept putting it off. ERWA offered me the opportunity to do the series via their website and I decided there was never so good a time as now to do it. I’ll never be any less busy!

Writing the articles has proven much harder for me than giving a workshop. I think information is easier to present in person, and there’s much I can’t say in the articles that I would say in a workshop setting (because it’s so much easier to ramble when it’s in person. In an article, you have to be much more linear and that has been difficult for me). I actually enjoy public speaking, enjoy the dynamics of presenting a workshop to a group of people and being able to do a give and take. Hopefully, now that I’ve got this information laid out, I’ll get more chances to present it in workshop form.

The first of the articles: “A Different Way isn’t the Wrong Way” went live today. Since it’s the start of a series, this first article deals with some very basic information on epublishing, the business model and the pros and cons. I have no problem being very honest when it comes to epublishing.

Later in the series I’ll be covering topics like choosing a publisher, myths and realities of epublishing, financial background, how epublishing works, print, etc. Lots of information to be shared! If you’ve ever wondered about epublishing and how it worked, and think I should cover a particular topic, please let me know.

I hope you’ll check the article out, pass the link on to others, and let me know what you think.

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