I’m feeling very angry-blogger today, and a little bitter about some things I’m noticing (like how people only want to talk about epublishing when it involves bad author/publisher behavior and drama. I know, it’s more fun that way) so instead of going off on a really ugly rant about that, I’m going to talk about nothing of any importance at all.

I’m on Twitter now! I’m hoping this will be easier for me for updating while I’m traveling (since I’ll be gone for the better portion of a month). You can follow it via my sidebar to the left. Or you can add me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/angelajames Or you can totally ignore my twitter. Though I can’t promise that I’m not going to link it to my blog at some point while I’m gone because again, easier to update then long blog entries.

About a week ago, I woke up and had really chapped lips. I realized I was dehydrated and not drinking enough water, so one of the things I did was cut all soda from my diet immediately, so I couldn’t use that as a replacement fluid. I’d have to drink water or juice. At the same time, since I was cutting soda, which is where I was getting most of my caffeine, I decided that the caffeine could go too. So for a week I’ve been without soda or caffeine. The first few days were hard. I was so tired! I don’t think I drank a lot of caffeine (no coffee or caffeinated tea, and maybe one or two sodas a day) but I still noticed it leaving my body. I have to admit, I do miss soda. I like Coke. And finding a caffeine free alternative at a restaurant can be kind of boring. Good thing I like club soda. We’ll see how long this lasts, but as my husband pointed out, I lead a fairly sedentary life and soda is empty calories–I refuse to drink diet because omg YUCK! He’s right, so it will probably be like quitting smoking. I just need to get used to doing without.

Last week while I was in the car, I heard a commercial announcing what the mega-millions jackpot was at. I think at the time it was 80-some million dollars. Immediately, I gave half of that to the government and was left thinking about what I’d do if I won the lottery and 40 million dollars. Now, first I should mention that I don’t even play the lottery, which makes it hard to win, but I still enjoy pondering the idea of it every so often. But seriously, I’m really boring because there wasn’t a lot I wanted to do with my winnings right off: Buy three or four really fun, expensive and cool cars for Josh and I. Yes, we need three or four. Fun cars for driving, one for Josh to race, and a big truck for hauling stuff and going off-road at the beach/getting through snow in the winter.

And if I had 40 million dollars, I wouldn’t have to worry about gas prices. Yes, I thought that. Sad.

We don’t have much debt, but I’d pay off our house and bills. I’d give some money to friends and family. And then… I don’t know! I wouldn’t want to quit my job but…now what do I do with the rest of that 40 million dollars? Hire a personal trainer to get rid of this unsightly bulge? Then I could drink soda again? Whee!

Okay, I’m sure I could find plenty of ways to spend it once it was burning a hole in my pocket. What would you buy?

Thus ends my totally random blog entry for the day. Make sure you hook up with me on Twitter!

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