I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be traveling for a good bit of time coming up shortly. I thought I’d share my travel itinerary with you so you can appreciate with me the full scope of my travel and why I think I might need Twitter

July 23rd: leave for family reunion in North Dakota. Fly in to Minneapolis and drive to Fargo to pick up my brother.
July 24th-27th: family reunion. Drive back to Minneapolis for the night of 27th.
July 28th: Fly to San Francisco (Josh and Brianna will fly the opposite direction back home and I won’t see them again for 8 days)
July 28th-August 3rd: San Francisco, RWA Nationals
August 3rd-August 5th: Nashville, Ingrams Sales Meeting

August 5th: Home! Yay!

August 11th: Leave for New Zealand. This is how my trip goes: drive to Baltimore, fly to Atlanta, fly to Los Angeles (look, Ma! Cross country twice in a week. Groovy.) and then to Auckland, New Zealand, arriving over 24 hours after I began my trip. Whee!

August 13th-18th: Auckland, New Zealand for their romance writer’s conference

August 18th-20th: Brisbane, Australia (where we’ll be visiting with Rosemary of Rosemary’s Romance Books)

August 20th-25th: Melbourne, Australia for their romance writer’s conference.

August 25th: My birthday! Yes, I am traveling on my birthday. Maybe the flight attendants will bake me a cake 😉 We do the reverse trip: Melbourne, to Auckland, to LA to Atlanta. I’m staying in Atlanta overnight.

August 26th: Home. Yayyyy!

But wait, lest you think I was really going to STAY home, Josh and I are talking about going to New York City for the weekend of August 30th-31st, to see Rent, which closes September 7th (which happens to be our anniversary). Since I’ll have missed his birthday (on August 18th) and mine, this seems like a good way to celebrate. Even if it does mean more traveling. At least it’s not for work, right? RIGHT?

In summary, in case you’re trying to follow along at home, grand total of days I’ll actually be home in August: Eight.
Total of days I’ll be away from home, starting in July through the end of August: 32

Anyone want to come and pack for me? Oh, did I mention the family reunion is camping? And then I go from there to a conference and then to a sales meeting. So, three trips, two very different venues, and two suitcases. Errr…

Yeah. I’ll be the one over in the corner sobbing. With my dark chocolate peanut M&Ms

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