Via the Whispernet on my new Kindle. And then was immediately bitter when I realized I’d never be able to read it on anything but a Kindle. Though Amazon makes it very easy to purchase, which I’m sure is seductive. And sheer brilliance in offering the beginning of the book free to hook the reader in.

Also, I read in bed last night. On my Ebookwise. Heh. My husband noticed the lack of a backlight immediately when I showed him the Kindle and we discussed how most of my reading is done in bed or low-light situations. He felt it was kind of worthless without a backlight, lol (though I kind of agree, given how much I depend on the backlight on the Ebookwise). I did try reading the Kindle with a booklight, but so far I still find the Kindle awkward to hold and I always felt like the light was shining in my eyes.

Next week the Sony Reader arrives*, and I hear the new Bookshelf app on the iPhone is rocking and I’m planning on trying that once I upgrade my firmware, so maybe I’ll add a comparison of reading devices to my epublishing articles. Or just write one here. I can do Ebookwise, Sony, Kindle, iPhone and iPaq. Maybe the people who do the Cybook and the Astak Mentor should send me one so I can compare those too. I think that’s a fab idea, don’t you?

*In case anyone is wondering, no, I don’t need this many ebook readers for my personal use. I’ll have them for taking to conferences so I can plug ebooks and let people try the different devices at the same time.

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