Not on other people’s blogs, but your own.

Earlier this week, Shannon wrote about the lack of people commenting on blogs, which stemmed from a conversation we had and some general whining on my part.

Then, as I was blog surfing this week, I commented on a few blogs (I do comment when a topic strikes me), and of those, there were several looking for feedback about things. But the blog owners never commented back. Not to acknowledge that I’d “helped” them out, or that anyone else had either. In fact, I then realized that these bloggers almost never comment on their own blogs. And I was irritated. I thought “how rude”.

And then I realized. Oh crap. I do that! So I made a promise to myself that I was going to be better about this. I won’t promise to respond to every comment, but to more rather than less (as long as I’m able–you’ll have to excuse my comment absence when I’m traveling). One thing I’ve noticed about my own blog habits–I’m more likely to go back to a blog where the owner interacts in the comments. I think it just seems as if they’re more interested in me as a blog visitor, not just a stat.

So, do you comment?

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