Let me start out by saying that I’m not paid, I didn’t get free samples, bribes or anything from this company. I’ve bought every can of their product I’ve used for many, many years. But if they were so inclined, I certainly wouldn’t turn down free stuff!

This morning I went to pack Brianna’s lunch box, and realized it was still sitting on the back of the couch where I’d tossed it on Friday (yes, that’s how organized we are at my house). It’s usually empty when she brings it home, since daycare tosses everything, so I don’t worry about it. Only this time, when I went to open it, I realized there was still the small container of raspberries in there, and they’d leaked in the lunch box. So I cleaned it out and about the time I’m finished, I hear my husband announcing that one of the cats has done…something…on the back of the couch.

I groan, wrinkle my nose, and grab my Resolve Spot Magic and some paper towels, and trek over to the couch. Where I realize, no, not the cats. The lunch box. Has leaked raspberry juice on the back of the couch. My cream couch. (yes, we are insane and do have cream furniture in a house with a toddler and four animals). I cross my fingers and spray the Resolve. This is stuff we’ve used on every pet stain we’ve ever had, and it’s been great. We also use it to clean the couch cushions every couple months, of any normal usage stains they might have. But I’ve never tried to save a cream couch with a two-day-old raspberry juice stain and I didn’t have much hope.

I’ll be damned. The stain is gone. And not only is it gone, that spot of my couch is a whole lot cleaner than the rest of the couch. In fact, I was going to share a picture of where the spot used to be, and then I realized that it makes the rest of my couch look really dirty, lolol.

I can’t say enough good things about how well this worked, though. If you find yourself with a stubborn stain in your house, or want to avoid them, I recommend Resolve Spot Magic

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