Last night on the way home from the beach, the three of us were having a conversation. Josh and I were trying to get Brianna to say what city we lived in. Eventually, Brianna brought up the “United States of America”

Me: that’s a country

Brianna: I want to live in the United States of country [sic]

Me: You do live there.

Brianna: But I want to live in a REAL country

Me: *snorting laughter*

Josh: All right, Natalie Maines. You could move to Germany.

Brianna: I want to live in a country with pink and purple horses. Mommy, you can ride the pink horses and I’ll ride the purple horses.

Josh: Oh, that’s Amsterdam*

*yes, he does know that’s not a country

Me: *hysterical laughter*

On a seperate note, I’ve started a seperate blog for posting about Brianna, pictures and random things she says/conversations, so you won’t see as much of that (or posts like this) on this blog anymore. I’m sure some of you won’t mind. I don’t intend to post the URL to her blog, but if you’re interested in tracking it, just leave a comment and I’ll email you the link. I thought about not posting here about it at all, but I know there are people from all areas of my life who read here.

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