Left Behind & Loving It Workshops from the ladies who have broken in… erm… used the key Angie left them, to blogsit (wonder if she’ll ever leave it for us again). These are going on now, if you get a chance, stop by.

The Anatomy Of Sex Scenes by Jaci Burton — Writing sex can sometimes be the most uncomfortable part of writing the book. But it doesn’t have to be. A few key pointers that may help charge up your sex scenes and drag the writer out of their ‘discomfort’ zone.

When Only the Right Word Will Do by Shannon Stacey — Using word choices to add humor, help you show instead of tell, strengthen your voice and heighten characterization in deep POV in your second draft.

Cover Art: From Form to Finish by Mandy M. Roth — Tips and tricks for filling out your cover art forms, the steps and stages a cover goes through, the finished product and a walkthrough on using your cover to make your own static banner ad.

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