I only got home Tuesday night from my two week trip to North Dakota/San Francisco/Nashville and I’m packing again. By this time tomorrow I’ll be in Atlanta, where I’ll fly to Los Angeles and then to Auckland, New Zealand. I’ll be gone for two weeks again, visiting New Zealand and Australia.

I know I was a bad blogger even when I got home, but the truth is traveling wears me out and I always feel a little unmotivated when I get back from a trip. A side effect of that is what I call internet inertia, where I don’t even want to respond to emails or read blogs, let alone blog myself.

I’ve been spending lots of time snuggling with Brianna, trying to do some work, and reading. I read a really great YA yesterday,Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which will be released as a movie this fall.

It was an unusual read for me in that I don’t normally read much YA and I also don’t normally read much contemp. But I’ve been trying to read different things lately, and in this case, the Kindle sucked me in. Even though I’ve vowed that I won’t buy from the Kindle store, because I refuse to be tied to one device (that doesn’t even include my computer) to read a purchased book on, the Kindle makes it so freaking seductively easy to get sucked in. First, you go to the Kindle store. You see a promo–this book on sale. You go to the book, download a sample. And then you read the sample and think “I must have more of this and I must have it right now”. Of course, there’s a handy buy now link at the end of the sample, you click it and tada! the book is on your Kindle faster than you can say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” So tempting. Damn you, Amazon. I am weak.

Regardless, I downloaded the book yesterday morning and was done by afternoon (had some down time sitting at my in-laws). I really enjoyed it and looking at the reviews on Amazon, I’m not alone. Really strong author voices, engaging and appealing characters and fast-paced story. Excellent writing.

I’ve been collecting some other books to read on my trip (including submissions) but if anyone has any suggestions–fantasy, romance, any genre, I’m happy for them!

I’m not sure what kind of net access I’ll have while I’m traveling, since I won’t be using my aircard or the wireless internet on my iPhone (waaay too expensive). That means no twittering for me like I did in San Francisco, sadly 🙁 So my blog will probably be a bit lonely again. We can only hope Kyle doesn’t make another appearance here *gag* 😉

I will make every effort to blog a few times from New Zealand and Australia, but don’t hold me to any promises, k?

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