We made it! We actually made it yesterday, arrived in New Zealand at around 5am local time yesterday after around 24 hours of traveling for me (or maybe more, I lost track of time at one point).

The travel was…good and bad. The beginning of my travel day wasn’t so great but definitely improved with the Scott Speedman sighting in Atlanta. After that, it improved even further with an easy first class flight to LA (though the LA airport is a terrible mess and not somewhere I’d be eager to fly in and out of again) and then the best part of the trip, unbelievably, was the flight from LA to Auckland. Holy crap, all I can say is, Business Class freaking rocks my socks. Each of us had our own little enclosed area, complete with personal TV/game system, reclining chairs/footrests that then folded into a bed. Top notch service with good wine, food and a smooth flight that didn’t feel like flying at all. I would have happily spent another 12 hours on the plane, it was that good.

We arrived in New Zealand and determined that though we’d each only gotten a few hours of sleep (I woke up at 7am Eastern time, which was o’dark hundred on the plane) we were going to try and beat the jet lag. We unpacked in the hotel room, got freshened up and walked to a nearby grocery store where we stocked up on snacks, water and wine (we have our priorities, here). After a trip back to the hotel it was only 10am and we were already pretty tired. We lazed around the room for awhile while keeping each other awake and trying to figure out all the quirks of the room (the way the lights work is really odd, as is the heating/cooling system) and headed to the mall.

Where we shopped. It was fun but, man, we were so tired and the day did not go quickly. We headed back to the hotel around 4pm, watched some Olympic coverage (go, Michael Phelps!) and then had dinner in the room. We were out by 7:30pm. Seriously, we couldn’t last any longer. Time was not moving fast enough to bedtime for us.

So we were awake pretty early this morning (around 5am). It’s almost 9am now and we’re getting ready to go sightsee Auckland.

Internet access is limited here because of the huge expense (69 cents a minute for ethernet connection in the room or $2 per 15 minutes on the hotel computers). It’s hard because we both still need to be in touch with email but haven’t been able to.

So far, New Zealand seems like a beautiful country though I haven’t seen much of it. It is cold and rainy here, though, and we spent a lot of yesterday pretty chilled but we’re acclimating better today.

I’ll try and update again in a day or so!

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