We’ve moved on to Brisbane, Australia, where we have more reasonably priced internet so I actually have a chance to blog again and not just try to check emails in 15 minutes.

The New Zealand conference was quite nice and the people who attended and organized it were fantastic, but I have to admit to a sigh of relief as I flew out of Auckland. The weather during our stay was cold and rainy, and it might not have been too bad, except the hotel seemed to not know what heat was either, so we never felt quite warm.

We got to Brisbane yesterday, and we’re staying at the Marriott downtown. The lovely thing about the Marriott is that you can always count on them to be gorgeous no matter where in the world you are. We’re only a 10 minute walk from the shopping district in Brisbane, and the first thing we did was head to Rosemary’s Romance Bookstore. Anyone who knows Rosemary knows that she’s an amazing supporter of romance books and authors, and her shop is completely adorable. It’s the type of shop you want in your town, full of personality, charm and an owner and employees who love the genre. I took some pictures and will upload them when I get the chance.

Crissy and I shopped for a few hours and then Rosemary took us to South Bank, where we wandered for a bit and then had a gorgeous dinner. We got back to the hotel at around 8pm and I was zonked by 8:30, thanks to a combination of jet lag, good food and wine.

One funny note–while we were walking back to the car at South Bank, Rosemary pointed out a rather pungent smell as being that of a koala and then pointed out the scat as well. So Crissy and I spent the entire walk back to the car staring up at trees, determined to catch a glimpse of a koala. I’m sure we were a humorous site but boy did we want to see one! Today we have a meeting with a printer here in Brisbane, and then Rosemary is going to take us to the Gold Coast with (hopefully) a stop at a koala park along the way so we can have a chance to give some koalas a cuddle.

Sadly, we only have two days in Brisbane and tomorrow we’re off to Melbourne, so I may not get a chance to report back until Melbourne. But I do have photos to share at some point of both Auckland and Brisbane.

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